About us

eduID Albania is a fast-growing initiative that interconnects research and education identity federations around the world. It enables the trustworthy exchange of information between service providers and research and education institutions or other identity providers. This means simpler access to a wider range of online content, services and other resources that benefit collaboration in the research and education community. eduID Albania connects the higher education institutions to the scientific research institutes. The objective of eduID Albania  is to simplify inter-organizational access to web resources. With a single login a student can access e-learning systems at multiple universities.

eduID Albania:

  • provides access to all the online services that students, researchers and educators need while minimising the number of accounts users and service providers have to manage – reducing costs, complexity and security risks;
  • gives service providers access to a larger pool of users internationally, and allows users to access resources of peer institutions or commercial or cloud services using their one trusted identity.